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Benefits of running campaign-based learning in the workplace

Recently, we’ve been looking at how and why to create an engaging launch campaign for new learning initiatives in the workplace. We’re not quite done with campaigns yet. Now we want to focus on the benefits of creating campaigns as a part of the learning experience.

First, let’s explore what we mean by campaign-based learning.

What is campaign-based learning?

Campaign-based learning is a method of designing and distributing learning courses in a blended and often interactive way. Featuring a range of resources from eLearning to quizzes to billboards to competitions, campaign-based learning is highly engaging, effective, and an interesting way to liven up learning in the workplace.

What are the benefits of campaign-based learning?

Now we’re all on the same page, it’s time to take a closer look at our top benefits of campaign-based learning in the workplace.

1. Increases learning engagement

Group of office workers engaging in learning campaign through group discussion

Campaign-based learning can go a long way to increasing learning engagement. These campaigns whether focusing on visual elements like videos, interactive elements like competitions, written communications, or a combination of all these things, can pique the interest of many of your employees. Campaign-based learning is also a fantastic chance to inject some creativity, humour, or mystery into your training.

2. Encourages active participation

Young office workers working together on learning campaign with post its on a wall

One of the most engaging features of campaign-based learning can be interactive components such as competitions and clue-based games. At Learning Technologies 2019, an L&D consultant discussed a campaign she created revolving around health & safety compliance training. The campaign involved a series of ‘episodes’ hosted on their LMS alongside a series of vinyl prints depicting spilled drinks on the floors of the company’s cafeteria and online quizzes to be completed by employees. Getting your learners actively involved in their learning through physical campaign components can be a fantastic way to both drive interest and encourage information retention.

Active participation and engagement is vital to the learning journey. Remember a famous mantra in the world of training:

What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I learn.

3. Taps into learner curiosity

Miniature woman sat on books looking through binoculars

As with the example given above, campaigns with physical elements and the learning equivalents of teaser trailers are a great way to tap into your learners’ curiosity. This curiosity is a natural part of the human condition, so leaving little clues and hints to ongoing training around the workplace or within the LMS can be a great way to encourage higher engagement and interaction with your learning.

Learning campaigns needn’t be a simple case of email reminders, notifications, and suggested learning. While all of these are effective enough at increasing learning engagement (particularly within your LMS), you’ll get the most out of your employees and they’ll get the most out of their learning if you venture down a new path and try something different.

4. Varies the path of learning

Cartoon of young professional reading, taking notes, working on laptops and tablets as part of learning campaign

They say variety is the spice of life and it works the same way in Learning & Development. Part of the reason blended learning is so successful is because it offers a variety of ways for learners to complete their training. It makes sense for your learning campaigns to offer this variation too. While some elements are there to pique interest and tap into curiosity, further elements are there to keep your learners engaged and help them to access and understand information in a way that is interesting for them.

Think back to your school days or even university. The teachers and lecturers that were the most engaging were not the ones who simply read off a presentation or gave you hand outs to read. The most engaging and memorable lessons and teachers are the ones who inject personality into their teaching and do things a little differently. Campaign-based learning allows you to apply the same principles.

5. Improves completion rates

Laptop on desk showing course completed on screen

All of this adds up to one of the most important metrics in Learning and Development. One of many ways to measure learning engagement (and arguably one of the most important), completion rates are the bread and butter of L&D. Allowing you to showcase your compliance in specific areas as well as a consistent metric to report on, these can be improved through the use of campaign-based learning.

By making learning more engaging, encouraging active participation, creating intrigue and curiosity, and varying the paths of learning, campaign-based learning leads to more engaged employees and high completion rates of training within your organisation.


Campaign-based learning is a fun, engaging way to encourage your employees to get on board with the learning process in your organisation. It allows you to explore your creative side and do something a little different for your workforce.

If you would like to know more about putting all of this campaign creativity into action when it comes to launching an LMS or perhaps a new training course, take a look at our recent guide to creating an engaging launch campaign for learning.

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