In light of the weekend news of a global cyber-attack, where the NHS, Fedex and the main telecoms operator in Spain were among the 200,000 known victims, we would like to bring to your attention our Data Compliance e-learning modules.

Kallidus have been working in partnership with Data Compliant, who have over 15 years experience in the Data Security industry, to build a series of off-the-shelf e-learning courses.

These courses have been built to ensure you have 100% confidence in staff at all levels that they know how to protect your data. They will learn:

• The impact to the business and their customers if they don't protect their data

• How to ensure that they are protecting data in their everyday role

• How to detect potential security breaches and what to do about it

This global attack has drawn a line in the sand and there will now be no excuses for companies and their employees not to be completely trained in Data Security.  We believe that it will be at the top of the agenda for the UK government to ensure all companies are protecting personal data.

Show that you are taking immediate action to tackle data security and making a stand on cyber security.

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