e-Learning – what does it actually mean and why should your business care? The proliferation of technology in the twenty first century has led to exciting new avenues and opportunities for learning and development and your business can really improve top and bottom line results through the strategic implementation of e-Learning tools. Technology based learning has come a long way over the last few decades and has many advantages when incorporated into a blended learning approach. Can you afford to ignore the opportunities and benefits which e-Learning can bring to your business?

Learning outside of the classroom

Evening classes or days off work for training can be a thing of the past if you choose to take advantage of the many benefits of e-Learning. e-Learning is perfectly suited to out of hours distance education giving your business and your staff the flexibility to learn as you earn. One of the greatest strengths of e-Learning is that it can take place in or out of the classroom and can perfectly compliment a blended learning strategy.


The internet is now everywhere. Smartphones, smart TV’s, smart toasters (it won’t be long), you name it and you can probably get the internet on it or will be able to within the next few years. Making the conscious business decision to be flexible with mobile devices can really pay dividends on your business’ training requirements. Mobile technology combined with internet access and e-Learning makes for a powerful combination.

A blended approach to content

Blended solutions are designed to accommodate and e-Learning is a brilliant way to deliver education based upon user specific and individual preferences. e-Learning, as a core element of a blended approach, is a powerful tool. Gamification (the use of game mechanics to encourage problem solving) shows that users who are provided with the content presented strategically will respond better to it. Similarly, HTML5 (the newest iteration of the internet’s HTML coding) allows content creators to further tailor cloud based learning initiatives which can be accessed remotely from anywhere. The rise of engaging, objective based e-Learning deployed as a part of a larger blended learning strategy means that you should no longer be put off from sending anyone in your business, from the shop floor to the board, on an e-Learning course.

The cloud

Cloud computing, backing up or accessing information stored on a cloud device rather than a local hard disk, is really taking off. Most computer systems are gradually migrating to the cloud and it isn’t too much of a stretch to image a near future where all information is stored online. Cloud computing coupled with e-Learning can give your business further training flexibility as your employees can access information, systems and courses from multiple points. Organisations and IT departments are increasingly allowing employees to bring their own devices (BYOD) to work further increasing the range of e-Learning platforms with which your staff can access content.

Why you should act

Change is part of business and the most successful companies learn to adapt. Training and talent acquisition are elements of your business that you cannot afford to neglect. Kallidus is an award-winning learning and talent management solutions business with a simple mission, to empower all businesses and individuals to continually develop, learn and improve at all levels. After all, the best never stop learning. Take a look here to see how we create engaging bespoke e-Learning content for our customers.

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