Practise what you preach

They say the only way to truly understand what your customers want, need and think is to put yourself into their shoes… which is exactly what Kallidus has done recently.

Lisa WhiteLisa White, Head of Marketing, goes on to explain:

"We don’t just build, market, sell and support our software… we use it as well!

We have always used our Classic LMS, but after a successful year of transforming our own approach to performance management with the help of Kallidus Perform, it felt like the right time for us to implement Kallidus Learn… With a UXUK Award win for 'Best Learning Experience' it seemed a little rude not to share the system with our employees!

As Head of Marketing, I am constantly writing or approving content about the theories and myths of successful learner engagement, the importance of UX, and how to reduce barriers to learning. I was intrigued to find out firsthand, both as a manager and a learner, which of these theories are fact and which are fiction. Here’s what I discovered:  

UX and a great user experience is key to engaging a learner. FACT!

This is absolutely true. When I logged into Kallidus Learn,  it immediately obvious where the courses were that I had to complete as they were displayed in a visually compelling way. It was very satisfying watching those cards disappear from 'courses to be done' to 'courses complete' - it’s the little things that delight me!

However, I don’t think I can emphasise enough the importance of the content. However satisfying the user experience is within the LMS, it is merely the vehicle for the content. We spend 90% of our time within the LMS looking at the content, so you need to make sure that this is short, engaging and relevant or you will lose your learner immediately - especially when they are facing the prospect of having to complete ten or more courses to be compliant. Our LMS was loaded with a good mix of OTS content from some of our partners and bespoke content created by our in-house team.


Although I wouldn’t say I am a sceptical manager, I am a busy manager with a busy team working to hard deadlines; so to ask my team to take time out and complete their compliance training with two tradeshows coming up, many campaigns and GDPR just around the corner, my initial reaction was 'You have got to be kidding me'.  This was probably true for many other departments as initial roll-out and communications showed employees weren’t even logging on, let alone completing their training.

Our HR department fed this into senior stakeholders, who fed back to managers and team leaders, who then approved time for team members to complete - and completion rates began to rise dramatically.

With top down endorsement and a more personal approach to the importance and reasoning behind training, and with the approval of time to complete fed into each level, the message came across much more effectively than a company-wide email from HR (or L&D).

From a product perspective, it was great to be able to see how much my team had completed and that they were compliant in one easy glance. The 'give Kudos' tab was also fun! [Insert smug face of being one of the first teams to fully complete.]

Gamification and leaderboardsare key to learner engagement. FICTION!

Everybody is looking for new ways to engage learners and for an LMS with all the bells-and-whistles of social, gamification and scoreboards - anything to give the illusion that compliance training is fun! However, I think we are missing the one key element - that we are all busy individuals, driven by performance success of our roles. Our compliance training is a tick-box item that needs to be completed for us to carry on doing our jobs safely and legally. At the end of the day, do we really care about if we have completed it before someone else, if we are top of the leaderboard or have answered the most questions in the shortest amount of time? If we are taking part in the end-of-year company pub quiz, then there is no doubt my team would be this competitive. But this is compliance training!

I’ve learnt a lot through our implementation of Kallidus Learn and look forward to sharing stories from some of our customers in the weeks to come.

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