Straight from the North Pole: elf performance and compliance in the workplace

It’s a stressful time of year for Santa.

With workloads ramping up, the regulators coming up from the South Pole, and making time for the Christmas Party – suitable for all departments, including the toymakers, the reindeer grooms, the sleigh maintenance team, and the COO, Mrs Claus – Santa knows he’s going to have to up his game this year.

With Elf and Safety Compliance checks due and an outbreak of tinselitis in the workshop, the workforce is looking thin on the ground. Looks like another late one.

It’s enough to send anyone crackers.

But still, it’s not all bad.

At least we will fly through the Elf and Safety checks this year. Santa implemented an LMS on Boxing Day last year to improve compliance in the workplace, following a number of complaints involving hungover elves and splinters in toys.

Now, the elves receive notifications to complete their mandatory training, and have the option to undertake elf-taught learning.


Santa never bothered much with performance management until he found one of his elves – to remain unnamed – struggling with low elf-esteem thanks to the ever-increasing need for Xbox production levels; the workshop was becoming disjointed. That was the turning point. Santa realised he needed to communicate with his workforce better, and have 1:1 conversations with them on a regular basis, not just once a year after Christmas.

What a headache that used to be! All the conversations would be the same, with them focusing on that Christmas’s success – Santa didn’t even take into account their achievements during February, or July, or any month that wasn’t December. Now, he’s much more aware of what his teams are succeeding in, and where they could do with a little help – that’s how he noticed that Cookie could benefit from elfabet training to step up in the workshop.

Santa nestled down in his favourite worn armchair with a report extracted from the LMS. Yes, those interfering regulators from the South Pole should be happy with his compliance rates this year. 95%! Phenomenal. This time last year, we had an elf nail his thumb to a rocking horse.

Santa shook his head laughingly.

He studied the report and compared it to his performance management dashboard open on his iPad. With compliance rates up, and objectives complete, it looks like another successful Christmas.

Time for another mince pie.

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