Our highlights of 2017

In 2017, we saw the #MeToo movement; the rise of a flexible working culture; the fear of recruitment AI and robots; trends for more user-friendly learning experiences; an increasing amount of budget being spent on learning technology; and learners expecting more, and more quickly.

The recruitment and L&D industries have remained strong throughout 2017, by utilising the best of knowledge-sharing, leading software and making the most of research.

During the course of last year, we listened to the top industry concerns and shared our knowledge with you; our blog posts proved very popular.

Our highlights of 2017 can be found in our most frequently read blogs:

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  4. 5 sources to build your talent pipeline
  5. What is engaging content for the modern learner?


Going on our understanding from this, we can see that the interest of millennials in the workplace remains high – we’re going to consider this further during 2018 as to whether the stereotypes are unfair, or whether a more well-rounded approach could be more applicable to the younger learner and baby boomer learner alike.

Well-thought-out content is unsurprisingly on a continual rise, with more and more businesses considering how their learning courses can best resonate with their users to promote better information retention and higher completion rates.

We also saw that recruitment continued to be a concern in organisations, with companies looking at how to retain their current workforce, whilst recruiting externally for additional top talent to strengthen the skillset available.

Looking ahead to 2018, we’re looking forward to keeping up-to-date with industry changes and how these could affect your business. Stay tuned for more!

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