5 questions to ask about performance management systems

Performance management, when used effectively, should help organisations to realign the business goals with their employees’ individual goals.

Many organisations opt to go paperless and choose to implement an online performance management system to streamline the process. However, these systems often come at an increased cost (at least, compared to printed appraisal forms!) and as such, businesses can be reluctant to engage with a software provider.

However, online performance management software is designed to meet the needs of the modern organisation and come with many benefits that paper forms cannot provide.

Once you have gained approval from your board to implement a performance management system, there are some key questions you should ask your line up of potential providers:

1. Will the software show recognisable differences for managers and employees?

Ideally, your performance management software will have two dashboards: an Employee Dashboard and a Manager Dashboard. Managers should be able to view the individuals in their team’s progress, and employees should be able to see their own objectives and developments. 

The two dashboards should feed into each other, and each party should be able to update fields for the other’s viewing. This means that employees can add their progress whilst managers can monitor development and provide coaching where required.

2. Will the software affect your company culture?

By holding regular one-to-one meetings, managers should promote a transparent and open working relationship with their employee.

This empowerment of both manager and employee should create a culture of open feedback and tracking.

Once this culture of open feedback has been achieved, your workforce is likely to be more motivated and better driven to achieve their goals in line with team and organisational goals.

3. Can my managers track progress?

Your shortlisted performance management software providers should give you the option to switch on optional notifications.

This will allow your managers to stay in control of their team’s progress by tracking their development, understand the process through two-way comments, and comprehend their concerns.

In doing so, managers can track progress of their team’s individual and departmental goals – and ensure they align to the organisational objectives.

4. How does it work if managers are based in a different office?

In your chosen performance management system, managers should be able to request, gather and track informal feedback regardless of their physical location; even if your manager and employee are based in different locations.

Your online performance management system should provide constant access through an online secure system to the employee’s objectives for both parties, giving both the manager and individual the ability to instantly update, add comments and keep each other informed on changes within the team and upcoming projects.

5. Does the developer use their own software?

Ask your potential provider: do they use their own software internally for their own performance management?

If the answer is no, that should speak volumes!

Business case builder

If you’ve not yet managed to convince the board it’s time to implement an online performance management strategy, now is the time to. With the summer months at their peak, your employees will be looking at their own progression and development, so align their objectives with your organisation’s.

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