Recruiting in the summer months

It’s officially summer.

The heatwave has been ongoing, and the school summer holidays have begun.

Whilst some are enjoying the weather with time off and holidays abroad, recruiting teams find the season less relaxing as summer is not the easiest time to recruit. People are on holiday, business is slower, and people would rather wait until everything settles down again before looking for a new job or taking on more staff [1].

This said, recent ONS’ labour market statistics reveal that while the UK unemployment rate is at a record low, the percentage of workers – potential candidates currently employed – who want more work or better jobs is nearly double the unemployment rate [1].

This means that the talent market is a hidden goldmine – summer could be your opportunity to refresh your recruitment strategy, allowing you to reach candidates who would like a higher-paying, better job but are unsure where to start.


Firstly, understand the talent market: which areas of the business are lacking, and how could new talent revitalise these areas of the business? Your next area of focus should be how you intend to gain the interest of the talent market.

If you are not making use of an ATS yet, it may be time to consider how it could empower your organisation to attract, track and hire a better quality of candidate across the board.


The candidate experience is how your recruitment processes make an applicant feel throughout, from the initial job description and attraction stage, through to candidate selection and onboarding.

Candidate experience is often left aside as the focus is on getting as much information on candidates as possible – but the candidate experience can incorporate this whilst reducing the strain on candidates.


Experienced applicants do not expect to spend their time replicating their CV and completing lengthy forms - but your organisation can eliminate this pain point by ensuring that your ATS has the functionality to parse CVs. This will allow your applicants to upload their CV, with the software then extracting the relevant information and presenting it in a consistent format.

This removes the strain from experienced hires, whilst reducing the administrative burden of comparing CVs for your recruitment team!


You can enhance the candidate experience even further by automating communications. You can provide personalised emails to each candidate, thanking them for applying and providing them with timescales of when they can expect to be further notified regarding their application to the process. You can also schedule personalised emails in bulk to the shortlisted candidates advising them of their selection for the interview round, allowing them to select a preferable interview time.

In the same vein, you can send personalised rejection emails to unsuccessful candidates, thanking them for their time and advising them that you will store their details for a specified amount of time in the instance of future vacancies arising – and use the ATS to store these ‘talent banks’ in the event of further vacancies.


Whilst the recruitment process can be slower during the summer, make the most of annual leave being booked to confirm your applicants’ interview slots – and use an ATS to reduce your administrative burden so that your hiring team can make the most of the summer months too!

Automate communications

[1] Recruitment Grapevine, ‘10 industries beating the summer recruitment slump’, 4 July 2018

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