Recruiting with Google for Jobs using an ATS

Candidate experience has always been at the forefront of all recruiters’ considerations: and now Google is recognising this, improving its search experience for candidates with ‘Google for Jobs’.

Google for Jobs is an expansion of the existing search engine and aims to improve the candidate experience by making job searching easier – which will ultimately reduce time to hire as suitable candidates can be found in less time. Google for Jobs is currently live in the USA and has recently been rolled out in the UK.

Many employers are reporting to be excited by the huge opportunity that Google for Jobs brings – but are also reporting to be concerned about the threats of the update. If an employer’s career site uses an ATS as their job board, there is the possibility that the live roles could be hidden from Google if they do not meet the required Google format.

Put simply, an employer who’s career site solely reliable on their ATS for advertising roles could notice a serious decline in role views and site traffic. With job aggregators such as Indeed excluded from Google for Jobs, this threat is very real.

The absence of Indeed and other job aggregators demonstrates that Google is taking a quality approach to job adverts; it aims for its users to find relevant, original and authentic roles efficiently and simply.


Thankfully, no – your ATS will remain as useful as ever with the introduction of Google for Jobs: perhaps even more so as your roles reach a wider audience.

However, you must ensure that your ATS provider has the added functionality in their software so that jobs can be scanned by Google appropriately though the use of meta tags. Without this functionality, your active roles won't be searchable on the new 'Google for Jobs', meaning your applicant reach will be much smaller.

By ensuring that your ATS is ‘Google for Jobs’-friendly, you can ensure that more talent will view your active roles – leading to more, better quality, applications.

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