CIPD recently released the results of their seventeenth annual Learning and Development survey, and this year’s results were interesting to say the least. The survey, which examines current trends and practices in L&D, reported that a third of organisations feel their learning and development processes are not properly aligned with business strategy, with 6% having no alignment to business strategy at all.

Their findings also showed that 41% of organisations have experienced barriers to alignment, including lack of resources, lack of clarity regarding business strategy and a lack of interest or understanding of the purpose of L&D from business leaders.

Sound familiar? You’re clearly not alone. However it could be the time to start thinking about the impact of L&D on business performance and goals within your organisation. Doing so will not only help you create a culture of collaboration, but will enable you to clearly demonstrate the value of L&D in contributing to your organisation’s success.

Research shows that integrating and aligning L&D processes can help to better align employee learning and development with business strategy.

An integrated approach using the latest learning technologies will not only streamline L&D as a whole, but can help create more transparent goals and organisational targets, and ensure employee development initiatives are closely aligned with business strategy.

Learning practices go hand in hand with performance management and succession planning, and research shows that integrating these core HR processes can considerably improve user experience and enhance decision-making capability, helping to strengthen talent development and increase productivity and performance.

Above all, integrating L&D processes helps create a continuous, cyclical model of employee development, which can evolve alongside organisational strategy and the changing needs of the business.

So, if you’re concerned about whether your employee learning is in line with your business strategies, then aligning your processes is a great place to start.

To learn more about integrating learning and performance management processes within your organisation, download our full insight guide here or visit for more information.

Annual Survey Report: Learning and Development 2015, CIPD

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