Towards Maturity have launched their latest study today - the Retail and Wholesale Trade Sector Benchmark Report 2015. Their study of 32 retail organisations shows that retailers who have adopted technology-enabled learning are improving revenue, productivity and behavioural change amongst employees. Yet there are still further opportunities on offer.

Said Rob Caul, CEO of Kallidus (sponsors of this independent study): "It’s good to see that retail continues to be one of the most innovative and committed sectors to investing in technology for learning and is clearly delivering tangible business benefits through technology-enabled learning. The report highlights that retailers are now offering their employees a wider range of skills compared with other industry sectors and that further benefits stand to be gained through more integrated learning and talent systems. Kallidus is delighted to have contributed to this report which provides a wealth of insight to enable retailers to pioneer the next generation of learning for long-term business success and competitive advantage."

The Retail Sector Benchmark Report is free to download at 

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